Thinking As Portals

2D puzzle-platformer prototype made in 30 hours where you play as the portals, made for the 2023 GMTK Game Jam

Project Lead and Head Developer

Softbody Simulation for the Playdate

Simple Softbody physics simulation coded in C for the Playdate handheld console, might create a game with this someday


Kitchen Burnout

Chaotic, Cooperative, and Competitive Cooking Simulator created with the Command Realm team

Project Lead, Senior Programmer, and Game Designer

Tools Expansion

Addon implementing over 50 new Tools and Gadgets created with Shapescape ApS for the Minecraft MarketplaceĀ 


Dungeon of the Arbalist

Dungeon Crawling Roguelike created with the Command Realm team

Senior Programmer, Builder, Writer, and Game Designer

Celestial Champions

3D Platform Fighter created with the Command Realm team

Senior Builder, Programmer, and Game Designer

Would You Rather

Interactive Game Show with a Unique Twist created with the Command Realm team

Senior Programmer, Senior Builder, and Game Designer


Gladiatorial Challenge of Sharks and Minnows created with the Command Realm team

Builder, Game Designer, and Voice Actor

Crazy Quarries

A Fast-Paced Party Game created with a friend of mine (my first game on Minecraft Realms)

Project Lead, Sole Programmer, and Builder

Conway's Game of Life in Minecraft

Solo side project


Bouncing DVD Tweetcart

An animation made in 256 characters as an entry for TweetTweet Jam 5


Custom NPCs

Demonstration of the Custom NPC system I created for Dungeon of the Arbalist

Programmer and Writer